The Trapvire is an audio escape game that is played in the spirit of old school point & click pc games and storytelling role-playing games from home via telephone connection with the game host at an pre booked time.

You can play the game either alone or in a group. You can play also from multiple locations simultaneously via group call!

The stories in our games are unique adventures every time, and we promise that our game designers were not harmed in the creation process!

How does it work?


Wanna see your friends while playing? Use Teams or Zoom application!

After choosing the game you want to play and suitable playing time for your team, invite your friends together. We will call you at the agreed time. At the beginning of the game, instructions and procedures are reviewed together with the game host.

The duration of the game is 1.5 hours, of which 15 minutes before and after are used to instruct and review the game.

The game leader tells you a unique scenario of the game and describes your starting situation, after which the puzzles are solved by taking notes, asking specific questions about the environment, and exploring the available things that take the story forward. As the story progresses, you also get some elements into your joint game teams Whatsapp group.

To whom?

  • Families

  • Friends

  • Couples

  • Classes

  • Companies


  • Parties

  • Date nights

  • Gatherings with friends

  • Birthday activities

  • Recreation day´s

  • Team building events


The Trapvire audio game is a great way for your team to spend an hour with creative puzzle solving while boosting your teams communication skills!

What do you need for the game

  • A punch of paper and pens

  • A Whatsapp-application

  • A pre-booked game time with us.

  • A quiet place where you can hear properly

  • If you are playing in a larger group, you might need a device with speaker capability.

  • Charge your phone and keep charger around before the game starts.


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